Common questions about workshops with Caroline Ann Photography

1. What makes Caroline an expert in her field of photography?
I get it, these days everyone and their grandad has a decent camera that they may think they know how to use – so why join a workshop run by me? Before I went freelance and became contributing editor to Digital SLR Photography magazine (published by Dennis Publishing) in 2012, I was its Deputy Editor for six years as well as a professional photographer, running Caroline Ann Photography. I've made a career from teaching other photographers how to improve their craft, how to understand their cameras and become more creative. I've worked with some amazing professionals, acquiring a vast knowledge of techniques and approaches whether it's for portraits, landscapes, macro or abstracts.

Most of us have more than one interest in photography and I can advise on most of them. Above all else, however, I'm a parent of two vivacious, energetic boys under five years old. I've learnt how to work past children's classic grimace to reveal their true selves in photographs and I can show you too. I've encountered most technical and creative challenges when it comes to photography, but if I don't know the answer to yours I'll know someone who does. 

2. What does a group workshop involve with you?
A lot of cake, coffee, hands-on help and advice. I hold nothing back – full disclosure. You'll learn the core concepts and techniques that can transform your photography by taking your camera off Auto mode, how the different exposure modes work and how to control your image making. We'll cover the fundamentals of lighting, composition, posing, interaction, focusing, exposure and so much more. My group workshops have a MAX 8 people so there's plenty of time to help you navigate your cameras and is designed for Beginners. 

One-to-One Workshops
If you think you're more experienced – you're using aperture-priority mode or even manual mode – and know your way around your camera, but could benefit from some one-on-one help to jumpstart your photography to the next level – contact me about my 1-2-1 workshops. They will be completely tailored to your needs, experience level and the type of photography you want to develop. We will cover theory and put your skills into practice on this enjoyable course, which lasts approx 5 hours. 

3. I don't have a DSLR or my camera is really basic...
Whatever make or model your camera is it doesn't matter – the concepts and techniques I'll be teaching apply to all. What you'll find, however, are limitation in performance with lower-grade cameras but I can also teach you how to work with and around these. Having a high-spec DSLR is great – if you know how to get the best from it and the first step will get taking it off Auto. Regain control and capture your true relationships. 

4. I can't make 3 hours in an evening?
No problem. I understand some people may be traveling a fair distance, hurrying back from work or have families to care for, which is why this year (if you don't want to take the intensive course in one go) you can split it across two evenings. There is also a daytime workshop – ideal for mums with babies who'd like to know how to improve their photography as early as possible.