Your family is amazing – at least that's what I think. Professional portrait photography celebrates the legacy that you're making as well as the love and adventures that you share. When you walk through your home, you should get an overwhelming feeling of joy, love and nostalgia as you glance at your walls – and my goal is to create these images that become more valuable to you with every year. 

When professional imagery is printed and designed to coordinate with your home – your family becomes the art and overflows your home and hearts with memories. An investment so worth it, you'll wonder how you could have ever lived without it. When your little ones grow, change and discover, preserving those little details – that look, cheeky grin and stages of growth – as well as their big personalities will seem even more important – so don't miss it before it's gone; they're only young once.

As a mum of two boys, I know what joyful, exhausting and wonderful gift motherhood is and with our busy lives how we often feel like we've blinked and missed too much – even if we're seemingly present all the time. Take the time to preserve those moments in high-quality, archival prints and albums so you and your legacy can enjoy them for generations to come. 


People often ask me, “How did you get into photography?” The honest answer is... I don't remember. I've always been drawn to art and the way photography preserves history. After my Visual Arts degree and time as a journalist, I became deputy editor of Digital SLR Photography magazine, of which I'm now contributing editor. Since becoming a parent,I found that capturing the everyday moments and timeless wall-worthy portraits more important than ever. So as owner of Caroline Ann Photography, I not only capture the memories of my family, but of others as well.


I love beautiful images, luxurious touches and quality products. And while I've always been a photographer, as a mother I realised how important capturing crisp, beautifully-lit and emotive images are to me. I've a phone packed full of snapshots, like any mum, but these images are barely good enough to printed tiny, let alone create heart-swelling wall art from. And that's what I want my clients to enjoy everyday. Everyone deserves beautiful images of their family in gorgeous, heirloom products that will outlive them and be treasured for generations. 

As a child, I remember walls covered in photographs dating back generations and it gave me a sense of place and heritage. And I want that for my children, but also for them to forever cherish the family memories and connections they may not always remember. We've all experienced how time passes incredibly quickly, memories fade and we often lose a sense of how short life can be – until it's perhaps too late. Which is why I'll never stop documenting my children in beautiful light as I know those images reflect their beautifully natural selves, missing teeth and all. I bring this same dedication to capturing your family in a timeless way, as well to creating a fabulous experience you'll all fondly remember.


It's nice to know a little bit about the person you may have to photograph your family, so here are a few fun facts about me...

  1. I've an itch that only traveling can scratch 
  2. Canada is my second home; Vancouver is my happy place. 
  3. According to my husband, I'm the 'fun' parent – I love that! Childhood is too short not to be silly. 
  4. I'm a perfectionist & dedicated to providing personal service and quality for all my clients. 
  5. Gin, peonies & mint dark chocolate...these are a few of my favourite things....