What services do are offered


We can customise our packages to suit your nursery/preschool's style and what you think will be best received by parents. 


There is no age limit to who I can photograph – I'm experienced at photographing babies through to preschoolers – however, if multiple age groups are to be included in a session this will need to be discussed prior to the scheduled shoot as requires a variances in approach.


There are two options:


Mini studio: This is ideal for Leavers Portraits, baby rooms, nurseries/preschools with limited outdoor space and if you think parents would prefer a slightly more ‘formal’ portrait of their child. This style of shoot can be performed anywhere there is space to set up a background and studioflash.



Playtime: More frequently parents are preferring portraits that capture their children interacting with nursery and preschool activities. These images are often a collection of portraits that show the child's personality and interests. Most sessions best take place outdoors, weather permitting, or can be done indoors.



Do you photograph siblings?

Of course. We can even schedule a time slot for those parents who wish to bring their older or younger siblings to the shoot.



Can the shoot be done over different days?

Where 'Playtimes' is concerned, it's often easier to space the session over a couple of days as more time is given to individual children to provide parents with a larger range of images. Some nurseries/preschools decide to do this over one morning and one afternoon to accommodate the most children. It is, however, possible to complete a 'Playtimes' session in one day for groups of less than 25. It's in everyone's interests to accommodate the schedules of as many parents as possible, within reason, so I'm happy to work with your optimum timetable. 



How can parents order images?

We use a combination of proofing and an online ordering system. Parents will be provided a printed proof with package options as well as the opportunity to buy online via Pics4Schools.com. If your nursery/preschool prefers not to collect orders and money from parents, we can provide a complete online ordering process using professional printers, One Vision Imaging. However, a combination of the two tends to yield the most sales.





How much will we receive?

All nurseries/preschools receive 10% of profits



Can we see more examples of your work?

Absolutely. I limit what is viewable on my website but have plenty of more images I'd be happy to share with you via a protected gallery.